Having served high-quality fresh-baked bagels in the Champlain Valley for over 60 years, we’ve received plenty of reviews and helpful suggestions. What follows below are a few of the favorites we’ve found online. We’d love to share your reviews, too. If you have any thoughts, comments, product reviews or questions, please send us a note through our Contact page.


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This is a MUST Visit each time I visit from NYC… I ALWAYS order a (Misc) Bagel with Hummus and 3 Veggies (Sprouts, Carrots, and Mushrooms). I recently tried the Eggplant Melt (with cheese, sundried tomato sauce and sprouts) – WOW! All the cream cheese’s are homemade. Love the Scallion, Veggie, Salmon and Strawberry. And OH, the Bagel Selections! Jalapeno, Cheddar & Dill, Asiago cheese, Energy, Sunflower… the list never ends!… I can’t tell you how much I love this place for BFast. It’s a great stop right before Boarding!”

Our office in Vermont has bagels from the Bagel Market every Friday. The bagels are always fresh and tasty and they have a wide range of cream cheese… The sandwiches are large – so you can easily make two meals out of it or in my case – share it with one of the employees in our office that seem to always be hungry.”

Easily the best take-out lunch spot in the Essex Junction area. You can wait a while, however. But it’s always worth it. Very fair prices for sandwiches, given the quality.”

Soup and a bagel is a deal that can’t be beat! Cabot cheddar/dill bagel is the balls and their ginormous brownies are gooey chocolatey perfection but why oh why do they stop serving soup during the summer?”

I was only in Bagel Market for 5 minutes, but I was very happy with what I got! This small-town bakery served me a delicious, toasted, blueberry bagel with a honey raisin walnut cream cheese on top…mmmm …If I lived in Vermont, I would be in carb-overload from this place. 🙂 ”

…The best bagels in Chittenden County. My personal favorite is the chunky vegetable (good flavor, perfect texture) but they’re all good. Friendly and helpful staff. You know a place is good to work for when there’s not a high turnover in their staff. I love seeing the same faces every time I come in. Their lunch sandwiches are awesome, too. The Market Supreme Melt is a traditional VT sandwich with cheese, apples, bacon, and turkey, but with a Bagel Market twist of other ingredients. Definitely worth checking out…”

…Fantastic selection of imaginative bagel flavors, and well-made, too. The special French Toast bagel is pretty much dessert for breakfast. I found the corn-based jalapeno Insanity bagel to be not as spicy as I thought– still tasty! Whole grain Everything bagels are, to borrow Molly F’s phrase, freaking fabulous…”

…Freaking fabulous! Tasty bagel sandwiches, lots of variety, pure deliciousness. We stopped here to grab a bite to bring with us before hiking & snowshoeing in Smugglers Notch & were just blown away. The boiled bagels were tremazing and our sandwiches were outstanding! Just what we needed after a long hike. I had the marinated chicken with cheddar and honestly i’m still thinking about how good it was…and my boyfriend had 2 of the Peanut Butter, Apple, Honey & banana sandwiches and clearly enjoyed them as there wasn’t a crumb left. I heart Bagel Market…”

Urban Spoon*

*Written by various authors, these comments were published on Urban Spoon. To read additional reviews from Urban Spoon, please click here.

The only place to get a bagel around here. End of story. Friendly service and great food.”

Best bagels in the Burlington area and well worth the drive to Essex! Market Supreme Melt: That is all I have to say…it is delicious on an everything bagel!”

I Love Love Your Bagels*

*Contributed by Annie Cooper, October 11, 2010.

LOVE your bagels. So much so that I’ve been eating the same kind, nearly every day, for the past four years or so. I’ve been coming to the Bagel Market since my boys were little – since at least 1996. Not only do I find your bagels exceptional (I’m from Brooklyn so this is huge!!) but your staff is extraordinary. Kind, helpful, personable, hard-working, aware… Thanks for all that is done there to make this all work!”

The Hole Truth*

*Written by Ruth Horowitz, this article was published in Vermont’s Seven Days newspaper in October, 2006. To read the entire article, please click here.

…Nearly half of the local bagel bakeries can trace their genesis to Bagel Market. Ruben Goldberg brought the first bagels to Vermont in the 1940s, when he opened Ruben’s Bakery on Riverside Avenue in Burlington. Ruben begat Morris and passed on the family business, and Morris begat Jeff and Ron. “When I was 6 or 7,” Ron recalls, “Dad used to take me to the shop to bag rolls and bake bagels.”

When Morris died in 1969, Jeff took over the business. Ron, who was studying engineering in Boston, came up on weekends to help out. Three years later, the brothers replaced Ruben’s Bakery with Goldberg’s, off Pine Street in Burlington’s South End. It was Ron who turned the family business into a bagel dynasty. So far, he’s opened 18 bagel businesses – many of which are still operating in this area.

He closed Goldberg’s in 1982 to open The GT Bagel Factory, across from St. Michael’s College in Colchester. The name referred to Goldberg and co-owner George Trono. After Goldberg sold his share, the company moniker still applied. Trono later opened a second GT Bagel in Milton, which is now closed, and The GT Bagel Factory on White Street in South Burlington, which the family continues to operate today.

The second branch of the Goldberg bakery family tree begins with The Bagel in Stowe, which Ron Goldberg opened after he left GT. Ten years ago, he sold it to Tom Ryan. A former high school teacher and Burlington city councilor, Ryan says he owes everything he knows about bagels to Goldberg. “An Irish Catholic had to learn from a Jewish guy,” he comments. “Ron is one of the best…”

Bagel Market, “TBLT on Garlic Bagel”*

*Written by Nick, this article was published on What’s4lunch (Nick’s Guide to Grub) in December, 2007. To read the rest of this article, please click here.

…Some of the best bagels I’ve ever had. Similar to pizza crust, bagels are good when they’re chewy and crispy (emphasis on chewy for bagels); Bagel Market bagels succeed on both counts. Crispy isn’t even the proper word to describe these bagels, it’s almost more of a ”crackle”. Additional, these bagels are extremely fresh, even at lunch time…”

7 Nights*

*Written by various authors, these comments were published on 7 Nights – The Seven Days Guide to Vermont Restaurants and Bars. To read additional reviews from 7 Nights, please click here.

…This is one of my favorite bagel shops because being lactose intolerant and unable to eat cream cheese, their are still plenty of options for me including tofu cream cheese, and I think this is the only place to offer it. Also, the hummus is absolutely delicious!…”

…Gotta get out here more often, this is a hit for lunch. Had a sandwich a while back called the Thanksgiving Preview….turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce…..amazing…”

…This Bagel Market has its stuff together. The bagels are always fresh as is the coffee. The sandwiches are made with care adn are delicious to the last bite. If I am in the Essex, Winooski, Colchester area, this is the place to get my morning fix…”

…I go out of my way to drive to Essex to go to the bagel Market. Love it!…

Mr. Breakfast*

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…Best bagels I have ever had. every time i go there the people are so helpful, i love being in that place nothing helps me wake up better then a good cup of joe, and a nice bagel thanks bagel market for everything Vermont loves you…”

…The place has the best bagels, soups and breads in Vermont. The coffee is awesome because they roast there own beans. I do a lot of traveling and have never had better bagels and service. highly recommended for bagels…”

Judy’s Book*

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…Boutique bagel shops like Bagel Market in Essex sell the “fine wine” of bagels. Baked on the premises, if you get there at the right time in the morning you can get them hot out of the oven — warm bagels are one of life’s simple pleasures… Bagel Nirvana!”